Our Story

Zen Health Tech's mission is to help you bring a sense of ease to your life.

Zen Health Tech was conceived when we got together and realized that we had started feeling overwhelmed in certain areas of our lives—even sometimes to the point of burnout—and decided to do something about it.
We had a feeling that others might be having some of those same demand-related challenges, and we wanted to help.
After diving into research about chronic stress and burnout—including conducting extensive interviews with mental health professionals and affected individuals—we got some answers.

Stress is a symptom, not the cause.

Using our 30 years of business, tech, and medical device experience, we brought our vision to life: Providing tech-based solutions that help you alleviate stress by exploring and resolving issues that may be causing overwhelm in the first place.
At Zen Health Tech, helping you achieve well-being and balance daily is our passion.