Improve EQ, improve the bottom line is a professional, HR services company that helps corporations, teams, and individuals improve their emotional intelligence (EQ), wellness, and productivity.

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ZHT provides a complete proprietary, framework to help organizations assess their current state of their current organizational culture that includes their mission, vision, values, and brand. We integrate different facets of emotional intelligence with the organizational culture findings. We identify business objectives, research, and administer assessments to get a baseline and benchmark for the organization.

Then we facilitate workshops to design an action plan to take the baseline and build measurable goals and programs. This is done in close collaboration with key decision makers within the organization.


With this action plan, an organization can choose to work within a specific department – such as sales, customer service, leadership team or choose their entire organization. Programs are geared at individual employees and include custom training, mobile app, EQ coaching and EQ counseling. Since these programs are focused on the individual employee, they are assured that we will honor their privacy.

Additionally, reporting periodically addresses the action plan and identified goals to provide further analysis to provide organization level metrics and analysis.

Why Emotional Intelligence Matters

Emotional Intelligence is the key factor that indicates high performing individuals. Why? Life is full of messy situations and we all have emotions around those situations. When we have the tools to deal with them, we are more balanced, focused, physically well, and able to overcome life’s challenges.  Our products and services give you tools to build self-awareness, emotional regulation, motivation, empathy, and relationship skills. 

Technology Meets Health

Technology is a great non-biased way to help strengthen Emotional Intelligence. The ability to recognize one’s own emotions as well as the emotions of others and navigate them effectively takes awareness, skill and repetition. Using a smartphone to continually stay aware and develop these skills continually is now possible. You can even access live coaching and counseling via technology.

Zen Health Technologies helps people and companies strengthen their emotional prosperity to improve their relationship with themselves and others.

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