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Making the most out of personal development

Fully immersive virtual reality training is more effective way to learn. We build offerings to help with big issues like communication, leadership, teamwork, personal relationships, and more. We also add in a sense of fun and adventure to keep people coming back, so they learn more and improve their skills more.

TrainingLab: Conversations in VR, powered by AI

TrainingLab is a corporate skills training tool that turns those old, boring training modules on their head. An AI-powered, game-like, immersive, virtual reality experience sends users on quests that teach lessons like communication, teamwork, and leadership in the workplace. The results are an improved culture, increased productivity, cost savings from less turnover, and improved well being for individuals and organizations. Visit the TrainingLab website.

Harness the power of AI and VR

With AI, the conversations are personalized for the individual – their personality, their learning style, and how they have interacted with TrainingLab in previous quests. Complete immersion helps them stay on task while being fully focused. Each quest is designed to last about 10 minutes. Visit the TrainingLab website.

Prepare for the real world in VR

TrainingLab lets you train for real-life situations in ways that are faster, more efficient, and less harmful than learning from mistakes in the real world. Employees get to work in a safe environment and repeat lessons as much as they need to. Visit the TrainingLab website.

Whatever your goals, if you’re Zen about it and embrace the change, you’ll get there. We can help. Contact us.